Cover DAO SDK Quick Setup Guide

Welcome to the Neptune Mutual SDK quick-start guide. If you are new to Neptune Mutual, you might want to first read the documentation.

After completing these initial steps, you will be ready to start developing on top of Neptune Mutual protocol using Typescript or Javascript. We assume that you have fundamental understanding of javascript, node, git, solidity, evm, ethers/web3, and other related technologies.

Join our telegram channel @neptunemutualchat if you have questions or need support.

Install SDK

The Cover SDK is an NPM package that requires Node 12.14.1 or above.

npm install @neptunemutual/sdk

Source Code

About the SDK

The Cover SDK assists developers to build on top of Neptune Mutual protocol. The SDK is built using Typescript and is intended to work on both browser and node environments. If you encounter an issue, create a new Github issue and reach out to us on Telegram.

Import the package

import sdk from '@neptunemutual/sdk'

Import required features only

import {
} from '@neptunemutual/sdk'

Supported Blockchains (WIP)

The Neptune Mutual Protocol and Cover SDK are both work in progress. We will add support for more blockchains in the days to come.

Neptune Mutual Token (NEP) / Pool / Bond / POD Mining Contracts

  • Ethereum (Primary)

  • Binance Smart Chain (Bridged)

  • Polygon (Bridged)

  • Fantom (TBD)

  • xDaichain (TBD)

  • MoonBeam (TBD)

Todo: Multi-Chain ERC-20 Token

In order to support multiple blockchains with no inflation, we will re-develop the NEP token in the future.

Protocol Testnet

  • Polygon Mumbai

  • Ropsten

Currently, the Neptune Mutual SDK Alpha only works with Polygon Mumbai.

Protocol Mainnet

  • Binance Smart Chain (Primary)

  • Polygon (Primary)

  • Fantom (TBD)

  • xDaiChain (TBD)

  • MoonBeam (TBD)

Protocol Contracts