How Does Farm Work?
The Neptune Mutual Pool consists of both single asset farm and LP token farm. Each farm has its own allocation and strategy to yield NPM rewards.

Single Asset Farm

Based on the blockchain network you select, we have some popular cryptocurrencies available to stake and earn generous NPM rewards. There are not many choices as we are very selective about the (quality or popularity of) cryptocurrencies which can be farmed in our pool.
The NPM farms are fundamentally different than most of the existing farms and pool as our main objective is distribute the initial NPM supply (or allocated as such) to the community rather than optimizing any ROI. To be accurate, there isn't any ROI or APY as you are getting NPM tokens by staking one of the available cryptocurrencies. There is no magic or special effects happening behind the scenes. The rewards generated in the farms are NPM tokens only; not tokens generated as a result of staking, investment, or yield optimization effort.
How to Use Single Asset Farm?
Directly stake your cryptocurrency in single asset farm to get NPM reward.
Note that there is an entry fee to participate in some farms. In CAKE farm, the deposited assets are farmed in the Syrup pool and the obtained CAKE reward are used to purchase NPM tokens in the PancakeSwap exchange. The acquired NPM are burned thereby reducing the total supply.

LP Token Farm

Obtain LP tokens from the DEX shown in the UI. You will not only receive NPM rewards but the LP tokens will also yield additional rewards directly on the DEX.
The Neptune Mutual platform incentivizes the liquidity providers with NPM tokens. The NPM tokens provided here fall under “Liquidity Pool Rewards” in our token design. The available tokens in the liquidity pool rewards have a finite supply. The rewards will keep decreasing and farming will eventually be stopped.
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