NPM Token Design
Beware of imposters trying to scam you by selling fake Neptune Mutual Tokens. We do not have a support team. We never directly message or contact you first on any social media or message boards. We never send any unsolicited emails to anyone for any kind of investment offer. There is no task, reward, bounty, discount, or bonus available. You should never send any tokens to any address to get any kind of rewards. We never ask you to share or verify your wallet or private key, secret phrases, or mnemonic. We don't have any wallet software to download or use. If someone sends you a message claiming that they are part of the Neptune Mutual team, they are likely scammers and lairs.


The Neptune Mutual Cover Protocol is a high-risk project. Please understand that the price of NPM tokens can go to zero and you can lose all your investment. NPM tokens should not be considered as an investment instrument because we do not advise, suggest, or indicate the token to have any investment-worthy value and neither do we have any investment prospectus for the public investors to speculate on. We do not have a public token sale date or plans yet.

Burning & Staking Mechanism

  • Governance: Voting rights.
  • Staking NPM tokens to provide liquidity and earning rewards
  • Staking NPM tokens to become coverage reporter
  • Staking NPM tokens to create a new coverage market
Burning System
  • Foreign assets farmed under NPM pool will be used to purchase NPMs which will then be burned.
  • Creating a new coverage pool requires you to burn 1000 NPM tokens. Coverage creators will earn a small portion of the coverage fees collected in DAI/USDC/BUSD or ETH/BNB/MATIC.
  • 4000 NPM tokens must be staked when creating a coverage pool. The higher your stake, the more visibility your coverage will get in the market.
  • Coverage pools are available in stablecoins. We deduct 6.5% of the coverage fee or coverage claim in the stablecoins. The acquired stablecoins will be used to purchase NPM tokens in a decentralized exchange and then immediately burned in a single transaction.
  • Providing liquidity to a coverage pool requires you to stake 250 NPM or higher.
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