NPM Token Design

Risk Disclaimer and Warnings

Please do your own research and try to fully understand the current and future risks before you decide to own or acquire cryptocurrencies, especially NPM tokens.

Scam, Phishing, Impersonation, and Other Deceptive Tactics Employed by Malicious Actors and/or Insiders

👉 Beware of imposters trying to scam you by selling fake Neptune Mutual Tokens. We do not have a support team. We never directly message or contact you first on any social media or message boards. We never send any unsolicited emails to anyone for any kind of investment offer. There is no task, reward, bounty, discount, or bonus available. You should never send any tokens to any address to get any kind of rewards. We never ask you to share or verify your wallet or private key, secret phrases, or mnemonic. We don't have any wallet software to download or use. If someone sends you a message claiming that they are part of the Neptune Mutual team, they are likely scammers and lairs. 👉 Community members must never reach out to any of our moderators to offer investment(s) because they are not responsible (or have the authority) for fundraising. Neptune Mutual will not be liable if such activity is conducted.
You should be responsible with your investment and must never invest any money in a project that you can't afford to lose. Your mental well-being and happiness is worth thousand times more than any token's price.

NPM Token Risk

The Neptune Mutual Cover Protocol is a high-risk project. Please understand that the price of NPM tokens may not reflect the development, business, usage or any value related to Neptune Mutual. NPM may not have any intrinsic value per se and can go to zero and your participation in NPM token may be lost. NPM tokens should not be considered as any investment agreement, securities, bonds, loans, stocks, unit trust, unit of collective investment scheme, or in any manner of financial instruments. We do not advise, suggest, or indicate the token to have any intrinsic, financial, or investment-worthy value. No action has been or will be taken in respect of obtaining any approval under any laws, rules or regulatory requirement in any competent jurisdictions. We do not have a public token sale date or plans at the moment.
To be decided.