Staking Pools

Periodically, several portfolio cover protocols will issue their platform tokens to NPM holders through staking pools. These incentives are allocated ahead of time by third parties and distributed to the NPM community through the staking pool contract.

Understand the Risks

Please read our standard risk disclaimer before proceeding. Furthermore, buying cryptocurrencies and staking your crypto assets in a smart contract is risky. There are no guaranteed returns at Neptune Mutual. The reward APR or APY displayed in the UI are only approximations that can drop significantly or even fall to zero. As a result, we recommend that you withdraw your rewards on a regular basis.
Underwriting and Liquidation Risks
Unlike most other DeFi cover protocols, Neptune Mutual staking pools (as opposed to POD staking pools) are not subject to an underwriting requirement. That is, your staked NPM tokens will not be used to make claims payouts.
The NPM tokens and other assets locked in POD staking pools are not a part of the underwriting capital, and are therefore not exposed to pool liquidation in the event of an incident.

Periodically Withdraw Rewards

Please don't rely on the user interface's estimated staking reward percentage.
Due to the fact that the reward tokens are not minted but deposited in advance, they steadily decrease as and when NPM stakers withdraw their rewards. Please remember that if there are many users staking NPM tokens, the payouts may be exhausted quickly, leaving you with no rewards.
As a result, it is critical to withdraw rewards on a regular basis.