How to Obtain NEP Tokens

NEP tokens can be obtained for free as a liquidity reward or directly swapped on the PancakeSwap exchange.

The Neptune Mutual Protocol is a high-risk project. The project is in private alpha stage with a very small community. You should not invest any money into NEP tokens as you might lose all your investment. The only reason you may need NEP tokens is to use in the protocol, which is not ready yet. This article does not advise or instruct to invest your capital into NEP tokens.

In the future, the NEP token will be redeployed to support cross-chain compatibility. The liquidity on the PancakeSwap DEX will also be removed and migrated to new NEP token addresses on multiple chains.

How to Obtain NEP Tokens on PancakeSwap?

Go to the PancakeSwap exchange

  • Go to the PancakeSwap app

  • Access the Exchange feature

  • On the From field, Select BUSD (or BNB)

  • Click on the field "Select a currency".

  • Paste the NEP Token contract address in the search field.

  • Click on the link with the text (Add).

NEP Token Address: 0xcE3805A443eBb27B2A4058eC9d94dC4f9C000633

  • Enter the amount of NEP or BUSD you would like to swap

  • Unlock Wallet if locked and then click on the Swap button

If you're unable to swap NEP tokens, the reason could be lack of liquidity. Initial NEP token liquidity is getting added to the PancakeSwap exchange. Additionally, check NEP token contract and evaluate the amount of NEP tokens that have been minted.