Partner Program
Learn How We Can Bring Value to Your Business
We believe in team work and helping our partners succeed. We are looking out for the following kinds of partnerships, including but not limited to:

Smart Contract Audit Firms

Smart contract security testing, consulting, and auditing is one of the most profitable businesses in the blockchain industry. As partners, we will work together to conceptualize campaigns where projects could get a free audit done (paid by us) when they work with our protocol; or get a full cover fee redemption (paid by your company) and even additional grant money (from us) when they choose you as the audit company.
You Receive:
  • Regular Business Referrals
  • Regular Payments from Us
  • Grants
Our mission is to help end users and service providers from material loss. Yours is too. A strategic partnership and alliance would helps us achieve more.

DeFi Protocols & DAOs

DeFi protocols and DAOs can get a free membership by creating a cover on the Neptune Mutual platform. You can get the fee refunded, qualifying projects get grants, and/or additional Cover Provision Fund help your project defend against possible exploits and hacks. As a partner, you can add your own token as Cover Assurance Fund, provide rewards to liquidity providers for their PODs in your cover pool, and get access to developer tools and SDKs.
You Receive:
  • Up to Full Cover Fee Redemption
  • Grants
  • Cover Provision Fund from Us
  • Strategy Support to Attract Liquidity Providers to Your Cover Pool
Your mission is to innovate, grow your community, and remain covered from possible risks of material loss. Our mission is to help prepare and protect you from prospective threats by assisting you with a business continuity plan. Both of our goals are perfectly aligned.

Developers or Startups

You can leverage the Cover SDKs and Protocol Contracts to build on top of Neptune Mutual and create something which generates profit for your organization or company. We will provide you with priority bug fixes, support, and guidance for free. Based on what you've built, you may also become eligible for NPM grants.
You Receive:
  • Priority Bug Fixes
  • Free Support and Guidance
  • Grants
Our mission is to expand our ecosystem to support startups as much as possible. Your mission is to build something innovative. We can assist you achieve excellence.

Cryptocurrency Exchange, Wallets, & Custody Providers

Cryptocurrency exchanges can become protocol members (and also Neptune Mutual partners) by first creating a cover contract. Your cover contract on the Neptune Mutual protocol is a defense mechanism to protect your company (or non-profit) from the risk of going out of business due to exploits or hacks. The protocol provides your users with a guaranteed payout in stable-coins (DAI, xDAI, BUSD, USDC) if a cover incident occurs. The protocol also allows collaborative liquidity funding to your pool and help you minimize risks.
Additionally, as partners, we will refer our users to your exchange; educate our community about your exchange or services through our educational programs; and more. We're a young, open minded, and fully-committed team, ready to help our partners become successful in all but legitimate ways. We don't like (and our partners too) engaging in questionable and objectionable business practices.
You Receive:
  • Cover Protection
  • User Referrals
  • Training and Education Support to Bring New Users to Your Exchange or Wallet
  • Strategy Support to Attract Liquidity Providers to Fund Your Cover Pool
  • Cover Provision Funding from Us
Your mission is to maximize profits, minimize potential losses, and enhance user satisfaction and happiness. Our mission is to help prepare and protect you and your users from prospective threats. Our sole objective is help you minimize the loss, nothing else. You can't ask for a better partner than us because we will help you when you need it the most.
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