Our Ethos
Our ethos is our identity and the foundation on which we build our project and function as a team. It is a simple to follow guideline and framework we've initially drafted for all Neptune Mutual team members to live by. As a family comprising of numerous individuals from different parts of the globe, with many nationalities, languages, and beliefs, our ethos identifies, differentiates, and unifies us together to work as a unit.
This document is a work in progress.
Here are the five main pillars of our foundation

Fairness, Inclusivity, and Equity

Humans are not born with prejudice. We believe this not to be the default nature of humans but what they learned while growing up. Ones should not be privileged because of "who" they are but because of "what" they did. Equity means providing the opportunity to people to demonstrate their excellence and willingness to learn and improve.
Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, welcomingly, with compassion, empathy and provided equal opportunity regardless of their background, color, race, religion, and beliefs.

Integrity & Openness

What to do should always be the right thing to do without obtaining permission from someone else. Create an atmosphere where people can express themselves freely and voice their opinion. One's loss should not be the foundation of someone else's success. Clarifying one's intent or motivation behind an action should be welcomed, encouraged, and taken well.
Create an atmosphere where people can express themselves freely and voice their opinion without fear of being ignored or cut short.

Team Spirit & Leadership Mindset

A great team gives credit to, endorses, and celebrates an individual's success. An individual contributes to the team's success and helps bring the best in others. A great leader doesn't worry about job titles but always craves high-quality performers. A high-quality individual is always an achiever. An achiever with the right mindset makes any team successful. That always equates to the same result:
Excellence breeds excellence.
At times, information needs to be processed carefully to protect the general audience, investors, and the broader community. In those instances, consulting with others becomes invaluable when one is unsure. For example, publishing a feature publicly or replying to the press before getting consensus from the team would still be truthful but destructive.
Excellence breeds excellence. Create an atmosphere where you contribute to other's success as they will do to yours.

Community & Trust

  1. 1.
    Work is our first home. Work is where we spend most of our time.
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    Validation of one's work comes from the customer community.
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    Open source has taken over the world by storm. It is the future.
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    An open-source project is always incomplete and tasteless without its community.
Acting in the best interest of the community builds trust and helps gain traction. Gaining community support, validation, and encouragement adds colors to the work you do. Without a vibrant community, the team suffers and loses morale. There is no point in working with a negative mindset or attitude. People can not create the best of their work when they are not well motivated.
All of which equates to the same formula:
Community is the foundation of success. Community support, validation, and traction are all success stories.
Acting in the best interest of the community ensures the longevity and success of the project. The success of the project is what every team member lives by.

Respect Privacy

"To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world." - Anthony Burgess
Privacy is the fundamental human right recognized by United Nations. Due to modern technological advancements, privacy threats are increasing to such a degree that it is extremely difficult or impractical to stay fully anonymous.
‌Respecting privacy means respecting individual wishes to be left alone. On numerous occasions, personal data and individual privacy were illegally violated by many agencies (including the governments) globally to serve their purpose. While individuals remain unknown about the intentions and how much of their data was collected, processed, and used. That makes individuals helpless without having any ability or right to approve, reject, protest, or appeal such usage.
Respecting one's wish to remain private and anonymous must be respected despite your differences or past experiences.
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