How Does Bond Work?

Select a cryptocurrency to participate in the NEP bond pool which not only generates the following rewards but you will also get all of the liquidity pool fee earned in the DEX (as shown in the UI). Furthermore, you can also provide the LP tokens to earn additional rewards in the NEP farms once your LP tokens are released after the locking period.

There is a limited amount of NEP tokens that are allocated to be distributed to the community under "Liquidity Pool Rewards" allocation in our token design. Unlike most DeFi projects with a continuous token minting model, NEP tokens are finite and deflationary. As a consequence, both Bond and Pool features will be completed (ended) as soon as the target amount of NEP distribution completes.

Before you proceed, read and understand the risks factors involved.

Select one of the cryptocurrencies in the NEP Bond Pool. Carefully examine all information.



Refers to the maximum amount of the bond token that can be staked here. Bonds that reach their target automatically stop. It is not possible to exceed the target.


r = b * v


r means ROI b means Bond Token Value v means NEP Token Value


a = r * 365 / l

where a means APY r means ROI l means locking duration

Exit Fee

The percentage value amount that will be deducted from both sides when you withdraw your liquidity and immediately sent to the treasury address

Other Fee

Placeholder. Not used. Not applicable.

Entry Fee

The percentage value amount that will be deducted from your bond liquidity token and immediately sent to the treasury address


The duration for which your bond liquidity token will remain locked. As compensation, the platform rewards you with NEP tokens.

Click on the "Approve Button" if you have read and understood risk factors and wish to proceed.

Once your transaction completes, click on the "Bond Button" which will open up a new modal window.

Create a Bond

Enter the amount of the bond liquidity token you wish to bond or simply stake, click on the "Max" button if you want to specify the maximum value that you can stake. Note that an approximate bond amount in NEP is displayed in the UI. The final bond amount (after smart contract interaction) will be your reward.

The platform will also display the date and time when your bond is going to be released. It is not possible to withdraw your bond before that timestamp. Carefully examine all the details and then click "Confirm Button" to proceed.