About Neptune Mutual
Neptune Mutual provides you with guaranteed stablecoin liquidity to reduce your risk exposure by hedging against possible capital risks and smart contract vulnerabilities.
Neptune Mutual platform explores new avenues to creating user-centric cover products on the blockchain. By offering stablecoin-based parametric cover pools for accurate risk management, we aim to attract a steady userbase and growing liquidity to the platform.


The Neptune Mutual Cover Protocol is in the early development stage. Just like any other blockchain projects, there is a high likelihood of failure. Assess your risk exposure to NEP/NPM and cryptocurrencies in general and do not consider the tokens as an investment instrument. The only reason you may want to get NPM tokens is to use the tokens in the protocol. We have not performed any ICO, IDO, IEO, or public sale. Do not fall victim to the scammers who want to sell fake NEP/NPM tokens to you.
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